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Enjoy An African Safari And Experience Exotic Animals Travelling Across The Wilderness

Wildlife is at the heart of Africa with the continent offering the greatest safaris in the world.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater not only boast the world’s ‘Big Five’ but also the densest population of lions on Earth, while the magnificent mountain gorilla can be found among the rich rain-forests of Uganda. Africa’s wonders extend beyond the land too with both the great white shark and the southern right whale swimming in South African seas.

The natural habitat for some of the most recognizable animals on the planet, no other continent has the diversity of wildlife Africa does; experience the might of its elephants in the flesh, catch a glimpse of the pace of a cheetah and be charmed by a cheeky chimpanzee; watch as a crocodile lurks beneath the shallows, a giraffe nibbles from the tallest branches and hippos lock jaws in a battle for dominance.

Africa is alive with wildlife.  It offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to a spot some of the world’s rarest creatures including the tree-climbing lion, Ethiopian wolf and the endangered rhino. Don’t miss the chance to observe some of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles either like the Great Migration, which sees millions of zebras, wildebeest and gazelles move en masse in search for water, the million-strong flamboyance of flamingos that flock to Kenya’s Lake Nakuru, and the big cats prowling their Serengeti playground at Maasi Mara.

An African safari will show you nature at its very best.